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Tabibi Platform is an integrated online service that allows medical practices to offer available appointment to patients based on symptoms selection. Booking appointment can be done online 24/7 without phone call or physical visit.

Tabibi Platform offers a fully automated notification service that sends appointment reminders (Push notification / SMS) and other messages to the patients. This will make it easier for your patients and requires no work from you.

By using Tabibi Platform Practitioners it will save their time and money that can be invested for better care for of their patients. The solution has been made for Medical Practitioners, Dentists, Clinic and all care related practitioners.

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Dental Care

Dental service at your hands, you can book available appointment 24/7 for emergencies.

Operation Theater

More availability in the your preferred area, for more choice depends on qualifications.

Qualified Doctors

All listed doctors and practitioner are verified and rated by users.

Our Features

Time Saving

Save a time for both Patients and Doctors, Click on Hand.

Appointment Reminder

Integrated Service with Multiple notification solution

Practitioner Options

With search capability, the platform provides seamless solution to find the most suitable practitioner for you.

Soft Healthcare Record

History of all recorded visits and comments with high level of privacy

Unlimited SMS notification

An integrated notification solution used natively in the app

Secured Chat channel

As soon as the booking is confirmed, the in-app chat will be enabled to allow a smooth patient-doctor communication.

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Our Services



All listed Doctors in the platforms are verified and approved to ensure our patient satisfaction

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Qualified Clinics and known Hospitals are selected and added in the platform to provide patients the maximum available options.

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Radiology and laboratory are added to the platform describing the list of services, pricing ,contacts and geo-location.

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Most of available pharmacy are added to the platform to allow patient find the closest to his current location.

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The nursing team listed in the platform offer home services, that permit elder, younger and disabled people to be served at home. Below services are available:

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